Automotive Design Services

Automotive Design Services

Fabricating smart, high-performance and eco-friendly automobiles frugally at a market-beating pace requires robust, high-performance processes and cutting-edge automotive engineering expertise. Our rich experience in the automotive industry complemented by our impeccable record of providing innovative engineering solutions makes us your best bet in the bargain to stay ahead of the competition.


Client challenges :

  • Follow to the peak safety standards and luxury inside automobiles
  • Develop conservational sustainability and survive with the demand for green vehicles
  • Design fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Encounter shorter time-to-markets
  • Knock into emerging economies and markets


What Digital Dynamic Provides :

Automotive Design and Assessment Engineering : concept assessment, thorough design, engine development program, value engineering, packaging activities and dimensional management, ladder diagrams, 3d routing and 2d schematics for electrical harness


Automotive Simulation Activities : cfd simulations (power-train thermal, air flow simulations), structural simulations (nvh, durability, impact simulations and design sensitivity)


Automotive Electronics and Embedded Systems : Firmware development, application development, hardware development, reverse engineering, modeling and code-generation, hil/mil/sil testing, mcd tools, verification services, advanced engineering and r&d in body controls, power train, chassis, diagnostics, infotainment and security.


Aautomotive Product Lifecycle Management (plm) Solutions : CAD integration, configuration management, design collaboration, engineering change management (ecm), enterprise integration, new product development & introduction (npdi), program management and supplier collaboration


Automotive Shop Floor Services : plant automation systems, digital manufacturing and costing


Automotive Sourcing and Procurement Services : sourcing advisory services, sourcing program management and “art to part” solutions


Engineering IT and KBE Solutions : design automation and productivity tools development .

  • Brake Pedal Design and Validation

  • Formula Chassis Design

  • Multi Fuel Engine