Special Purpose Machine

Special Purpose Machine

The company is a highly trusted entity when it comes to the Special Purpose Machine. Using special-purpose machine tools or SPM tools, the company designs special machining operations for production purposes. The Special Purpose Machine can contribute to high volume production at minimal investment, with the mechanized setup ensuring negligible human errors and fatigue as well as greater speed with similar accuracy and efficiency. The equipment produced through the Special Purpose Machine is interchangeable as they are identical,

About Special Purpose Machines (SPM)

  • Either cam operated machine or use hydraulics & pneumatics as actuating elements or a combination of all three
  • Programmable logic controller used in conjunction with positional sensors & transducers for commanding actuators, stepper motor & servo motors
  • Suitable for the increase of productivity or automation of an existing manual process
  • Product-specific and require designing & development for each specific requirement

  • Copper Tube Insertion SPM

  • Turning & Facing Machine SPM